Where is To Melt A Frozen Heart set?

Where is To Melt A Frozen Heart set?

If you've had a look at my latest release, To Melt A Frozen Heart, you'll know that the enemies-to-lovers winter romance is set in the beautiful landscape of Finnish Lapland, in the Ylläs ski resort.
I've visited Ylläs often over the years, and it's been wonderful to spend time there in my imagination for the past twelve months to write Kat and Mikael's story. 

Where exactly is Ylläs?

Since I'm a bit of a map geek, I've added a couple of maps to show you where Finland is situated and in turn where the Ylläs ski resort is.

World map and map of Finland with Ylläs ski resort marked

As you can see from the world map Finland is quite close to the North Pole, and Ylläs ski resort is in the northwestern part of the country, close to the Swedish border, and 115km north of the Arctic Circle.

So you can imagine that it gets quite chilly up there! But this also means that snow is more or less guaranteed during the winter months, and the skiing season runs from late November until early May. 

If you've read To Melt A Frozen Heart Extra Chapter, you'll know that people often ski there on May Day! (You can download your exclusive free copy here

to Melt A Frozen Heart Extra Chapter cover

Ylläs, like most of the 80 or so ski resorts in Finland, became only popular in the 1980s and grew in size and amenities in the 2000s. I like Ylläs because it's a little smaller, very family-friendly and less of a party place than, for example, nearby Levi. As well as downhill pistes, there are also many cross-country tracks, dotted with cosy little snow-covered wooden log cabins which serve as cafes. These will feature in the next book in the new Anderssons series. 😉

In Ylläs you can also go dog sledding (as Mikael and Kat did), do snow mobile tours, reindeer sleigh rides, and snowshow safaris. Most importantly, you, like Kat and Mikael can try to catch the breathtaking Northern Lights.   

The place is truly a winter wonderland!


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