Collection: Coffee and Vodka: A Nordic Family Drama

Eeva's journey takes her back to her roots in Finland, a place she'd rather forget but must confront her father and her own history.

Her father's optimism about a prosperous life in Stockholm, a city of grandeur and opportunities, tragically contrasts with the harsh truths the family encounters.

A single night shatters Eeva's universe.

Fast forward three decades, Eeva is driven by a need to uncover the truth about that fateful night. The authenticity of her quest is palpable, as she seeks to understand her past.

Coffee and Vodka is a rich story that stays with us….with moments of brilliance. – Dr Mimi Thebo, Bath Spa University

I loved reading this. After picking it up it was hard to put it down; I even missed my stop on the bus to carry on reading. – Goodreads reader

The descriptions of the difficulties of childhood, sisterhood, relationships, and parenthood transcend national borders. – Pauline Masurel, editor & writer

Coffee and Vodka opens our eyes to facets of a Scandinavian culture that most of us would lump together into one. I loved the way the narrative wove together the viewpoint of Eeva the child and her shock at arriving in a new country, with Eeva the sophisticated adult, returning for the first time to the country of her birth, and finding it both familiar and irretrievably strange. – Catriona Troth, Triskele Books.

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