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The English Heart (Ebook): Book 1

The English Heart (Ebook): Book 1

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A newly qualified navy officer looking for adventure. A student with her life planned out. When they meet sparks fly, but how can they plan a future together when their countries are on the opposing sides of the Cold War?

Finland, 1980. Kaisa has never been a risk-taker. After graduation, she plans to marry the dependable older man who paid for her classes and kept a roof over her head. But when she accepts an invitation to a party at the British Embassy, a handsome navy officer makes her want to throw caution to the wind. She surprises herself when they share a passionate kiss under the stars and promise to see each other again. But how could she possibly give up her sure-thing relationship for a man she barely knows?

When Peter Williams pictured his future, he saw a rising in the ranks and an endless trip around the world. When he meets the strong-willed Kaisa in Helsinki, his passion for the sea takes a serious turn. Not even the excitement of hunting down Russian submarines can compare to the thrill of his lips on hers. But despite his growing feelings, his commanding officers won’t tolerate him pursuing a woman from a Soviet-friendly nation.

Both torn between impossible choices, Kaisa and Peter must search their souls for the right answer. With the Cold War heating up between them, can two star-crossed lovers find their courage or will their relationship sink on the high seas?

The English Heart is a full-length contemporary romance novel in the vein of classic women’s book club fiction by prize-winning author Helena Halme.

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