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Helena Frise

The English Heart: Book 1 The Nordic Heart Series

The English Heart: Book 1 The Nordic Heart Series

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Love Across Borders: A Cold War Era Romance

Immerse yourself in the emotional and gripping cross-cultural romance of The English Heart. Amidst the relationship drama in Helsinki and the high-stakes tension of the Cold War, a Finnish girl and her English lover defy all odds. Their journey through long-distance love and cultural clashes encapsulates the essence of a true Nordic romance that is both heart-wrenching and inspiring.

Don't miss out on this evocative historical love story set in the dynamic 1980s. Get your copy of The English Heart today and experience love's triumph over adversity.

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  1. The English Heart (Book 1)
  2. The Faithful Heart (Book 2)
  3. The Good Heart (Book 3)
  4. The True Heart (Book 4)
  5. The Christmas Heart (Book 5)
    The Nordic Heart Boxed Set (Books 1-4)
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