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The Faithful Heart (Ebook): Book 2

The Faithful Heart (Ebook): Book 2

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Where would you go if you were away from home, lonely, and desperately unhappy? Into the arms of the first man that offers to hold you?

Newly married to her dreamy Navy Officer husband, Kaisa’s happiness is shattered when she discovers her hard-fought degree from Finland is less than useless in Britain. She’s faced with a lonely, jobless life in the shadow of Peter’s brilliant career, which takes him away to sea, unreachable during his long submarine patrols.

Enter rich, charming and clever Duncan, who seems to have all the answers to Kaisa’s problems. With Peter away, can the lonely and bored Kaisa resist his advances?

Can Kaisa and Peter’s love stay on course?

A standalone read, The Faithful Heart is the second novel in The Nordic Heart series, the bittersweet love story between Finnish-born Kaisa and British Navy officer, Peter.

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