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Helena Frise

The Good Heart: Book 3

The Good Heart: Book 3

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‘Another page-turner from Helena Halme!’ – Elena Sapsford, Pikku Publishing

She has betrayed him. He is facing a Court Martial. Can they love each other again?

Kaisa knows she’s to blame. It’s her fault the relationship with the handsome Englishman, Navy Officer Peter, has ended. What can she do but move back to her native Finland? But being thousands of miles away from her beloved Peter won’t bring him back, so when Kaisa is offered a job in London she jumps at the chance.

Peter is not sorry. He’s angry. Angry at everything and everybody. He’s about to lose the one thing that means most to him: his Navy career. All because he was stupid enough to fall in love.

A chance meeting at a rooftop party in London sees the two ex-lovers steal a passionate kiss. But Peter has a new girlfriend and Kaisa’s career in journalism is finally taking off. Is it too late, or can Peter and Kaisa love each other again?
A standalone read, The Good Heart is the third novel in The Nordic Heart series, the complex love story between Finnish-born Kaisa and British Navy officer, Peter.

Read this breathtaking second chance military love story today!

The Good Heart is a full-length contemporary romance novel in the vein of classic women’s book club fiction by prize-winning author Helena Halme.

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