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The Nordic Heart Box Set Books 1-4 (Ebook)

The Nordic Heart Box Set Books 1-4 (Ebook)

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Finland 1980. Kaisa realised she'd never felt like this before. This was love. The stuff she'd read about in books since she was a teenager; the films she'd watched. This was how Ryan O'Neal felt about Ali MacGraw in Love Story, and Barbra Streisand about Robert Redford in, The Way We Were. Kaisa grinned. She'd wanted to pose the same question to the Englishman that Katie had to Hubbell, 'Do you smile ALL the time?'

The Nordic Heart Box Set includes four full-length novels following the tumultuous love affair between the Finnish student Kaisa and English Navy Officer, Peter. 

Book 1: The English Heart: When a young navy officer with an insatiable appetite for adventure meets a disciplined student with a carefully mapped-out future, their initial attraction gives way to a complex web of challenges and obstacles, not least of which is the polarizing global conflict of the Cold War.

Book 2: The Faithful Heart: Kaisa's new life in Scotland with her Navy officer husband, Peter, is far from the fairy tale she envisioned. As Peter goes on long submarine patrols, Kaisa battles loneliness and temptation. Will she find the strength to stay true to her vows or will she succumb to the lure of forbidden love? This emotional military romance will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Book 3: The Good Heart: Betrayal has left Kaisa and Peter's marriage on the brink of collapse. As Kaisa moves back to Finland, a job offer in London gives her hope of reconnecting with Peter. But with Peter facing a Court Martial and their relationship in tatters, can they overcome the past and find love again?

Book 4: The True Heart: Kaisa and Peter have built a wonderful life in London, but their inability to have a child has left a void that threatens to consume them. When tragedy strikes, they must confront the past to find a way forward.

If you enjoy Nordic fiction, or like a true love story, you'll adore this stylish series of military romance novels by the Finnish author Helena Halme.


  1. The English Heart
  2. The Faithful Heart
  3. The Good Heart
  4. The True Heart

Look out for an exclusive, never-published bonus chapter from the series, as well as a FREE prequel novella – details inside the box set.

Grab your copy of The Nordic Heart Series Books 1-4 and start reading this epic military love story now!

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