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Helena Frise

The Young Heart: Prequel

The Young Heart: Prequel

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A Heartrending Tale of Love and Boundaries

Immerse yourself in the charm of 1970s Helsinki, where Kaisa, a newcomer to the city, and reeling from her parents' recent divorce, finds solace in the bustling household of her new friend Vappu.

Enter Matti, an older boy who is charmed by Kaisa's innocence. Their connection is true but their age difference raises questions, that Kaisa herself – years later – finds difficult to answer.

Discover 'The Finnish Lolita' by Helena Halme, an ‘honest and intimate’ true story that evokes raw emotions and explores the depths of the human heart.

The Young Heart, the story of Kaisa’s dramatic earlier life in Finland, serves as a standalone prequel to The Nordic Heart Romance Series, chronicling the extraordinary love between her and the British Navy officer Peter.

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