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Helena Halme

To Melt A Frozen Heart (Paperback): An Enemies to Lovers Winter Romance

To Melt A Frozen Heart (Paperback): An Enemies to Lovers Winter Romance

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Betrayed and brokenhearted, Kat seeks solace in Lapland, but fate has other plans.

Kat, a TV producer nursing a shattered heart from a celebrity chef's betrayal, seeks refuge in a ski resort in Lapland. There, she crosses paths with Mikael, a Finnish ski instructor from a wealthy mining dynasty.

Their worlds collide like ice and fire, yet an irresistible attraction blooms. Kat, an ardent vegan and environmental advocate, has sworn off holiday romances. Mikael embodies everything she detests about privilege: fast cars, inherited wealth, and disregard for the environment.

But destiny has other plans. When disaster strikes in Lapland's wild mountains, Kat and Mikael find themselves drawn together. In their struggle for survival, they uncover shared values and a connection they never expected.

Will Kat's heart thaw, granting her a second chance at love, or will it remain frozen forever?

To Melt A Frozen Heart whisks you from London's bustling streets to Lapland's enchanting landscapes, where the Northern Lights and twinkling stars illuminate Kat and Mikael’s path.

Buy To Melt A Frozen Heart, an emotional contemporary romance, a tale of resilience, redemption, and the power of love today!

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Customer Reviews

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Romance with the perfect edge...

Another excellent first-in-series from Helena who has again created a raft of flawed yet loveable characters.
Kat and Mikael are on a journey to discover what and who truly matters to them. Their story unfolds in the most beautiful and precious surroundings that give the plot some excellent grounding.
And at the end, the outcome feels exactly right!