Why Buy Direct from Your Favourite Author's Bookstore?

Why Buy Direct from Your Favourite Author's Bookstore?

There's something truly special about getting your hands on a new book, feeling the anticipation build as you turn to the first page. But have you ever considered the added joys and benefits that come from purchasing your books directly from the author's own bookstore? Let me share with you the myriad advantages that this choice offers to you, the reader, and to the literary community as a whole.

Direct Support to the Author

When you buy directly from me, you're ensuring that more of your hard-earned money goes straight into supporting my writing career. This direct financial support is crucial for allowing me to continue crafting the stories you love.

Exclusive Content Just for You 

My bookstore offers unique content that you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's bonus chapters, signed editions, or special releases, I want to share something unique with my most dedicated readers.

At the moment, you can download a free copy of The Young Heart, a prequel novella to The Nordic Heart military romance series. Or perhaps you'd like to read an exclusive prequel short story to the small-town romance series, Love on the Island? The Day We Met is a charming love story, set at a university campus just outside Stockholm. This short story is not published anywhere else. Just follow the link to find out how to download both eBooks: https://helenahalmebooks.com/pages/free-exclusive-reads 

Engage More Deeply with My Work 

Purchasing from my bookstore means you'll get the latest updates, insights, and behind-the-scenes looks into my creative process. It's a closer, more intimate connection between us. My next blog post is about my writing process.  

Be the First to Read New Releases

I will be releasing my books about two weeks earlier in my own store, giving you the chance to dive into new stories before anyone else.

Special Offers and Discounts

My bookstore provides unique deals, bundles, and discounts, giving you fantastic value and access to exclusive offers. At the moment, two eBooks are free on the site: The English Heart, a military romance, and The Island Affair, a small town romance with a twist. My latest release, To Melt A Frozen Heart, is priced at just 0.99, and most of the titles in the shop (including great offers on paperbacks and box sets) are offered at a lower price than with other book retailer.

I am able to offer great deals on my books, because there are no middle men taking their cut!

Championing Creative Independence

Your direct support empowers me to stay independent, maintaining creative freedom and ensuring that my books always stay true to my vision and your expectations.

Fostering Community

By buying directly, you're joining a community of readers who share a deep love for these stories. Together, we can create a vibrant, engaged reader community. I would love it if you took the time to share your views on my books. Just hit "Write a Review" (see image below) or comment on this post and start the conversation!

Write a review

Influence Future Works

Your feedback is invaluable, and buying directly makes it easier for you to share your thoughts and suggestions with me, helping shape the future of my stories. You can also contact me directly – just go to the contact page on the site.

Promoting Sustainability

Direct purchases often mean fewer intermediaries, less packaging, and shorter travel distances, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

In embracing the direct buying experience, you're doing so much more than just purchasing a book; you're fostering a deeper connection with the literary world and helping to sustain the art of storytelling. I am profoundly grateful for your support and enthusiasm, and I can't wait to share even more exciting, heartfelt stories with you.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Your support makes all the difference.

Happy reading!

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